I'm using SQL Server 2014 and aware that out of the box it does not support JSON.

We are receiving data from a 3rd party supplier that will look like the below:

  "PersonID": "1",
  "MarketingPreference": "Allow",
  "AllowPhone": "No",
  "AllowEmail": "Yes",
  "AllowTxt": "Yes",
  "AllowMob": "Yes"

However, we may sometimes also receive the below:

  "PersonID": "2",
  "MarketingPreference": "DoNotAllow"

I need to insert these values into a table - what is the best way to do this if SQL Server 2014 does not support JSON?

If I convert the JSON to XML it looks like the below:


How do I then extract the values from the XML?

SET @xml = N'
    Tab.Col.value('@PersonID','int') AS ContactID,
    Tab.Col.value('@MarketingPreference','varchar(20)') AS Pref,
    Tab.Col.value('@AllowPhone','varchar(20)') AS Phone,
    Tab.Col.value('@AllowEmail','varchar(20)') AS Email,
    Tab.Col.value('@AllowTxt','varchar(20)') AS Txt,
    Tab.Col.value('@AllowMob','varchar(20)') AS Mob
    @xml.nodes('/root/') Tab(Col)

But now I get this error:

Incorrect syntax near 'GO'.

Is there an easier way to select the values from JSON?

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    GO isn't a T-SQL operator; it doesn't require termination. The ; goes after your T-SQL statements;...lowMob>'; and ...Tab(Col);
    – Larnu
    May 4 at 9:58
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    GO isn't a SQL statement but a batch separator; it must never be followed by a ;. Your XML approach would be decent if your XML was valid, but it's not (you need to wrap what you've got inside an actual root element, e.g. <root>...</root>). Last but not least, your query syntax is querying for attributes rather than elements (PersonID[1], not @PersonID) and nodes should use /root, not /root/. Fix all that and Bob's your uncle. May 4 at 9:59
  • Consider upgrading to a newer version then you can use functions such as OPENJSON() out of the box May 4 at 16:48

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You don't need a GO (never mind GO; which is not valid), and your XML syntax just seems to have been plucked from your first search result? Try:

SELECT PersonID   = x.p.value('(PersonID)[1]', 'int'),
       MarkPref   = x.p.value('(MarketingPreference)[1]', 'varchar(20)'),
       AllowPhone = x.p.value('(AllowPhone)[1]','varchar(20)'),
       AllowEmail = x.p.value('(AllowEmail)[1]','varchar(20)'),
       AllowTxt   = x.p.value('(AllowTxt)[1]',  'varchar(20)'),
       AllowMob   = x.p.value('(AllowMob)[1]',  'varchar(20)')
FROM @xml.nodes('.') AS x(p);


PersonID MarkPref AllowPhone AllowEmail AllowTxt AllowMob
1 Allow No Yes Yes Yes

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