When I use slash command in my Windows 10 computer, it doesn't appear. But in Android, it appears! Slash Command in win10

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    Slash commands can take 1-2 hours to sync globally. If you have not specified the guilds for which the commands must be visible in, wait for some time.
    – Sandy
    May 4 at 11:23
  • In addition, you can try to refresh your discord client by pressing ctrl + R May 4 at 14:40
  • yeah i tried to refresh it, but it didn't work for me. @moinierer3000
    – TershiXia
    May 5 at 0:04

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This is a recent Discord bug that's effecting all apis, including discord.py. In other words, there's nothing that can be done about it for now. Here's the message that the discord.py developers have left about it:

There are currently a couple of bug that prevent App (slash) commands from being registered or only a part of them do or the command registers but does not work. Or the guild_only/default_permissions kwargs/decorator was ignored. Started: 6 days ago Mobile clients are unaffected by this

There is an open forum by discord about this in the developers server (discord.gg/discord-developers) here: https://canary.discord.com/channels/613425648685547541/969042921024266240

And issues on the docs repo:

  1. https://github.com/discord/discord-api-docs/issues/4859
  2. https://github.com/discord/discord-api-docs/issues/4856

Confirmed by Danny here: https://canary.discord.com/channels/336642139381301249/669155775700271126/970063555544088596 (yes, this is important)

Things to check:

  1. Check the integration tab for your guild to see if the command is there if, continue else the command didn't sync.
  2. Try restarting discord, altering the permissions in the integration tab and re-syncing (button and code)

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