In my shiny app I have a bunch of reactive dataframes that can be filtered. For example in server:

panel2_data <- reactive({
    df <- iris %>% 
      filter(input$year_range_slider) %>%
      group_by(Species) %>%

When I launch my app, all those reactive dataframes are calculated at the same time and it freezes the app for several seconds. How do initialize reactive so that it only is calculated when the initial filter options are changed?

  • R is single threaded, I doubt that all dfs are calculated at the same time. Initialization is the reason why your app freezes at the beginning, just because it is single threaded. Depending on your architecture, the size of the data, and the tasks to do you can do caching, micro services for processing, promises, or an external database
    – danlooo
    May 4 at 11:11


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