I had a quick question, due to the fact that lerna is not being maintained anymore, I was trying to find an alternative for a simple setup ( React, storybook, JS )

Currently it's just a library of components in a design system, that all need a package.json file and have dependencies on each other. I was thinking of using lerna but it doesn't seem to be an option anymore for a production level product.

Are there any alternatives ? I am looking into nx and others, but none of them seem to just be doing the simple task of automatically managing package version bumps, publishing etc.

Has anyone got an alternative ? Would yarn workspaces be enough for the task ?

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You should try Bit (https://bit.dev/docs). It’s not a monorepo solution but something quite different. Using Bit, each component (UI/non-UI) is authored and maintained independently. That means it is source-controlled independently, rendered in isolation, and built and published independently.

It might sound like you’re expected to jump from one repo to another to maintain your components, but in actually, the experience of developing multiple (independent) components in a single Bit workspace is quite similar to working on a simple monolith.

Bit also takes care of your component dependencies. It auto-generates each component’s package.json and auto-updates components when their dependencies (other components) are updated.

A screenshot of a Bit workspace

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