I have three tables using SQLite & Flask-SQLAlchemy;

- Username
- Password
* joined_group = db.relationship(group, secondary = user_group, backref = "participants")

- GroupId
- GroupPassword
* message = db.relationship('message', backref = "groupid")

- Sender
- Content
* receiver = db.Column(db.String, db.ForeignKey('group.groupid'))

Now user have an access to a "current_user.joined_group" which shows the group objects that the user is currently in.

That group objects have an access to group.message which contains all messages belonging to that group.

Now, I want to create an inbox which queries the current_user.joined_group.messages and only gets the latest message


data = message.query.filter(message.receiver.in_(current_user.joined_group)).all()

This works fine querying all of the message in rooms that the user is joined. However my question here persists.

What could be the possible ways to achieve this functionality?


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