I need a way to add more than one data ( such as name, id, age) into a single node in a linked list in C++. Instead of having the data value being only a name or a number.

  • std::list<my_custom_type> where my_custom_type can have any members you like May 4 at 11:09
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    You want a class or a struct. Look up for those May 4 at 11:16

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I think you wish to group your data, there are many ways to do that. The easiest is if you create a stucture:

struct MyData {
    int id;
    std::string name;
    int age;

MyData data;
data.id = 1;
data.name = "John";
data.age = 23;

std::list<MyData> list;


std::list<MyData>::const_iterator itr = list.begin();
int age = itr->age;

Would that help?

  • Yes it worked very well, I used a class instead of a struct and had to overload certain operators. But thanks for the main idea. May 5 at 16:50

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