I was inspired by this to do the things I need after the test is finished which run before the after and afterEach hook. But there're 2 problems:

  1. The .only doesn't work.
  2. The this doesn't work also.

As you may know, if there's any error occurs at afterEach, Cypress will skip the rest test cases. Please advise me :)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Copy this to cypress/support/index.js
// monkey-patch `it` callback so we insert `cy.then()` as a last command
// to each test case
function itCallback(title, func) {
  cy.then(() => {
    //do my stuffs here 

const origIt = window.it;
window.it = (title, func) => {
  origIt(title, func && (() => itCallback(title, func)));
window.it.only = (title, func) => {
  origIt.only(title, func && (() => itCallback(title, func)));
window.it.skip = (title, func) => {
  origIt.skip(title, func);
  1. Run this test case to see .only error:
/// <reference types="cypress" />

context('Test', () => {

  it.only('Should run this only.', () => {

  it('Should skip this.', () => {

  1. Run this test case to see this is undefined:
/// <reference types="cypress" />

context('Test', () => {

  before(() => {

  it('test', function () {
    cy.log('' + this.test)

  1. Remove the code block at step 1 and see 2 test cases execute normally.
  • What are you wanting to accomplish after a test finishes and a before after() and afterEach()?
    – jjhelguero
    May 4 at 14:40
  • for example: do soft assertions. If you put the assertAll() at afterEach() it will skip all the rest test cases if assertAll() throw error. If you put the assertAll() at the end of the test case, it will be ignored when there's a Cypress error that occurs before.
    – Chip Li
    May 5 at 5:29
  • it.only using the monkey patch from stackoverflow.com/questions/55868107/… works with Cypress 3.8.0 and thereafter it is broken. In Cypress 9.7.0 I get the error message Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'parent'). I posted also about this in the original post which suggested the monkey patch.
    – MikeMcC399
    Jul 6 at 13:21
  • I found a related issue in the Cypress GitHub issue list under "this" context doesn't work as expected in one of my repos. There is a comment which says: "This happens because you overwrite it global function but fail to preserve the context by using => instead of function syntax. ... You should use the function syntax and be careful how you call the overwritten functions ...". I've asked if the issue submitter could post the corrected code.
    – MikeMcC399
    Jul 20 at 9:44
  • Great!!! Hope the code from the issue submitter could resolve our issue.
    – Chip Li
    Jul 20 at 10:15


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