In virtualenvwrapper, is there a simple way to list all virtualenv on my machine?

(like what yolk -l does to list all python packages in the current virtual environment?)

CLARIFICATION: "ls -la" in my env directory does not count. I am looking for a virtualenv or virtualenvwrapper specific command.


You can use the lsvirtualenv, in which you have two options "long" or "brief":

"long" option is the default one, it searches for any hook you may have around this command and executes it, which takes more time.

"brief" just take the virtualenvs names and prints it.

brief usage:

$ lsvirtualenv -b

long usage:

$ lsvirtualenv -l

if you don't have any hooks, or don't even know what i'm talking about, just use "brief".

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Silly question. Found that there's a


command which lists all existing virtualenv.

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Run workon with no argument to list available environments.

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  • workon (without parameters) is the best way! It's a command of Virtualenvwrapper. lsvirtualenv is a command proper to Virtualenv. – cjadeveloper Mar 2 '19 at 17:50

To list all the virtual environments (if using the anaconda distribution):

conda info --envs

Hope my answer helps someone...

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For conda created env use:

conda info --envs or conda info -e or conda env list 

For virtualenvwrapper created env use:

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To list all virtualenvs

conda env list


# conda environments:
base                  *  D:\Programs\Miniconda3
gluon                    D:\Programs\Miniconda3\envs\gluon
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  • 1
    This will list only conda environments, not those generated by pip. – 7bStan Nov 8 '19 at 6:02

If you are using virtualenv or Python 3's built in venv the above answers might not work.

If you are on Linux, just locate the activate script that is always present inside a env.

locate -b '\activate' | grep "/home"

This will grab all Python virtual environments present inside your home directory.

See Demo Here

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This works on Windows only:

If you are trying to find all envs created using virtualenv
search for "activate_this.py" or "pip-selfcheck.json"

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