I understand from the API docs that there's no way to upload an image when creating the scheduled event, but the edit() has a cover argument, so there must be way to at least add it later. The docs say it takes an Asset(), but I don't understand how to create such asset from e.g. a PNG file. Seems like it works in a different way than sending an image with an Embed() as an attachment.

I'm using the py-cord, but I think discord.py should be similar or the same, I believe scheduled events is something that has been in the discord.py codebase before it was forked.

  • Asset will need a url. So you'll have to upload it somewhere (discord itself will work) and use that url.
    – Eric Jin
    May 5, 2022 at 22:37

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The problem I was facing is specific for py-cord. Things are different in discord.py, with different names.

The cover argument accepts bytes of the image to be uploaded. There was a bug in the documentation, which made me think that it accepts an Asset. I found it out by reading the code directly and I've sent a fix so that the argument is documented properly.

from pathlib import Path

image_path = Path('images/my-image.jpg')

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