I have installed chromium using snap install chromium on my Ubuntu server with Arm cpu because when I wanted to install puppeteer using npm it throwed errors, I set PUPPETEER_EXECUTABLE_PATH to /snap/bin/chromium and it's working fine. But my problem is that disk space on the vps is getting full, when the usage is really high (more than 95%), I do snap remove chromium, snap install chromium and reboot. After reboot the disk usage is normal again (around 35%). The disk has 50 GB. What is causing that? Aren't browser data removed when I close it using browser.close()? Or what could be the reason that this cleans the disk space?

  • Run "du" and find out where the space is going ...
    – solidpixel
    May 6 at 19:41
  • I've had the same problem. It appeared all the space was used by /tmp/snap.chromium and millions of /tmp/puppeteer_dev_chrome_profile-XXXX. I am not sure yet how ot disable that behavior.
    – teoring
    Jun 28 at 13:26


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