When my website is installed on Windows server 2016 and 2019 it works perfectly. On Windows Sever 2022 I get an error of "This site can’t be reached The connection was reset" but if I go to IIS -> SSL -> and change client certificates to Ignore instead of Accept or I can go to IIS -> bindings -> port 443 -> select disable TSL 1.3 over TCP it loads up correctly

Can someone explain why this is happening? What Can I do? I don't want to do any of those options

  • What web browser (and its version/OS) do you use?
    – Lex Li
    May 6 at 18:55
  • It is Chrome and Edge (the latest versions/windows server 2022), I am seeing the same issue in both of them
    – user173092
    May 6 at 19:03
  • You might run a report to reveal more about the server certificate, docs.jexusmanager.com/tutorials/ssl-diagnostics.html
    – Lex Li
    May 6 at 19:22
  • There are many reasons for this error, look in the event log for errors (in the security section you often see https related errors).
    – samwu
    May 9 at 8:52
  • There is no errors in the Event viewer
    – user173092
    May 9 at 14:42


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