I wonder if anyone can advise how to adjust the following query so that it returns one relationship with a count of the number of actual relationships rather than every relationship? I have some nodes with many relationships and it's killing the graph's performance.

MATCH (p:Provider{countorig: "XXXX"})-[r:supplied]-(i:Importer)
RETURN p,  i limit 100

Image of node with many relationships

Many thanks

  • You can consider refactor the graph so a these connections will be one connection with a count property. The question is what other data you have on all these connections and can it be reduced? May 7 at 6:28
  • Interesting idea. Thanks. I will play around with that approach May 7 at 14:39

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To return the relationship name along with a count, change your "return" statement, like this:

MATCH (p:Provider{countorig: "XXXX"})-[r:supplied]-(i:Importer)
RETURN type(r), count(r)

Using type(r) will return the type of the relationship, which looks to be "supplied" in your example. And then count(r) is just using the built-in function to count the number of occurrences of that relationship in the query.

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