I am running tmux on a remote HPC but the mouse scrolling for history does not work. I know it usually works if one does:

C-b :

to get into command mode. Then:

setw -g mouse on

to turn the mouse on. But when I do that it doesn't like it:

Ambiguous option: mouse

Is this not possibel? How do I do it?

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For me, on tmux v1.8, the following command worked: set -g mode-mouse on

Other mouse related excerpts from man tmux :

mouse-resize-pane [on | off]
             If on, tmux captures the mouse and allows panes to be resized by dragging on their

mouse-select-pane [on | off]
             If on, tmux captures the mouse and when a window is split into multiple panes the
             mouse may be used to select the current pane.  The mouse click is also passed 
             through to the application as normal.

mouse-select-window [on | off]
             If on, clicking the mouse on a window name in the status line will select that win‐

mouse-utf8 [on | off]
             If enabled, request mouse input as UTF-8 on UTF-8 terminals.
mode-mouse [on | off | copy-mode]
             Mouse state in modes.  If on, the mouse may be used to enter copy mode and copy a
             selection by dragging, to enter copy mode and scroll with the mouse wheel, or to
             select an option in choice mode.  If set to copy-mode, the mouse behaves as set to
             on, but cannot be used to enter copy mode.

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