I am new to CloudFoundation scripts and trying to set the conditional attribute for AWS DDB table using the yaml files.

Tried with below but getting error during the stack formation - Property StreamArn cannot be empty.

Seems its not allowing AWS::NoValue in this case.

Can we set the 'KinesisStreamSpecification' property itself on the condition?

          StreamArn: !If
          - ShouldAttachKinesis
          - !Sub "arn:aws:kinesis:SomeValue"
          - !Ref "AWS::NoValue"
  • What's wrong with your code? Any errors?
    – Marcin
    May 6 at 23:08
  • when the condition is set to false, it returns error - Property StreamArn cannot be empty. Seems like its not accepting AWS::NoValue
    – Anup
    May 7 at 0:05

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Your If should be one level up:

          - ShouldAttachKinesis
          - StreamArn: !Sub "arn:aws:kinesis:SomeValue"
          - !Ref "AWS::NoValue"

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