How can I construct a MSBuild ItemGroup to exclude .svn directories and all files within (recursively). I've got:

     <LibraryFiles Include="$(LibrariesReleaseDir)\**\*.*" Exclude=".svn" />

At the moment, but this does not exclude anything!


Thanks for your help, managed to sort it as follows:

     <LibraryFiles Include="$(LibrariesReleaseDir)\**\*.*" 
                   Exclude="$(LibrariesReleaseDir)\**\.svn\**" />

Turns out the pattern matching basically runs on files, so you have to exclude everything BELOW the .svn directories (.svn\\**) for MSBuild to exclude the .svn directory itself.

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    @Kieran Benton: thanks for the update, I'm going to submit a connect.microsoft.com request to clarify the MSDN documentation. – user7116 Sep 16 '08 at 14:10
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    I notice that you also prefixed the Exclude value with "$(LibrariesReleaseDir)\**\" (compared to the value in your OP). Is that significant? – user212218 Mar 24 '11 at 19:22

So the issue is with chaining variables for some reason in msbuild. The following works for me, notice that I have to only use relative paths based on the MSBuildProjectDirectory variable.

<CreateItem Include="$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\..\Client\Web\Foo.Web.UI\**\*.*"
  <Output TaskParameter="Include" ItemName="WebFiles" />

The following does not work:

<CreateItem Include="$(WebProjectDir)\**\*.*"
  <Output TaskParameter="Include" ItemName="WebFiles" />

Very strange! I just spent like 3 hrs on this one.

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    BTW: This is the correct answer. – splattne May 13 '09 at 13:57

Here's an even better way to do it, truly recursively. I can't seem to get your solution to go more than 1 level deep:

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    Does this work on the .svn\entries file as well, given that there's no dot in the filename? – user212218 Mar 24 '11 at 19:21

I've run into some glitches using the Include/Exclude approach, so here's something that's worked for me instead:

    <MyFiles Include=".\PathToYourStuff\**" />
    <MyFiles Remove=".\PathToYourStuff\**\.svn\**" />

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