I am building a survey application where users can create surveys on the fly. I am looking for suggestions on how to store the data for each survey.

I can save the survey results in the form of a database table that looks like:

Database design for a survey

Are nosql databases like mongodb a better fit for this scenario?

I have never used a nosql database and do not know the learning curve to get this done.

Are there any resources?

thanks for your help.


It looks like:

  • Your database structure is relatively simple
  • Your database structure is strict, i.e. you know the types of fields in advance
  • Your database structure is unlikely to change over time, and if it does, you can easily convert
  • You don't seem to have versioned objects
  • Replication is not an issue
  • Performance is not an issue

Therefore, I'd recommend using a traditional SQL database as long as these assumptions hold.


I am currently surveying my lab to gauge the electricity consumption of the devices and the lab. I am considering google spreadsheet! Primarily because it's so easy to use the google analytics to analyze your results.

I am surveying on a small scale. I don't know the scale of your survey, so it'd be wrong to recommend Google Spreadsheet for a medium-large scale survey.

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