Is there a way to set a default font for the whole Shell such that any new control will use that same font?

It seems that right now I have to set the font for every control I create, which leads to too much redundancy.


Font which is used by default is chosen by platform (see other info in Class Font - SWT: The Standard Widget Toolkit), so it's not possible to set default font for all widgets, if you want that, you have to do it "by hand"..

Why are you changing default font anyway..?

  • Sorry for not being clear enough, but I was interested in changing the font size. The default one is too small and I'd like to have a pref that lets me modify it at will for the whole application. – Caleb Aug 29 '11 at 8:48
  • I'm afraid, that it's the same thing.. In SWT you set font size by setting new font, with different size.. – Sorceror Aug 29 '11 at 9:14

There was not an api to change the default font size.

However, we could use class shadowing side effect to do that. For example (osx), duplicated a source code org.eclipse.swt.internal.cocoa.NSFont and update the method

public static NSFont systemFontOfSize(double fontSize) {
    // hacking it by class shadowing
    fontSize = 24;
    long result = OS.objc_msgSend(OS.class_NSFont, OS.sel_systemFontOfSize_, fontSize);
    return result != 0 ? new NSFont(result) : null;

We re-assign a bigger font size before SWT get the result

My Bigger Font Window

It is hacking, not recommended using at the production evnironment.

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