Lots of Thinking Sphinx questions from me lately. Here's another one:

In some of my searches I'd like to only query some of all the fields included in my index definition. I can't seem to find any on this, the nearest thing being limiting the global search to specific models.

So.. is it possible to query only a given subset of fields in an index?


This is possible through Sphinx's extended match syntax:

Model.search "@(name,description) ruby pancakes", :match_mode => :extended

Where name and description are fields you're searching on, and 'ruby pancakes' is the search query.

  • Awesome. Works like a charm. – rogerkk Aug 30 '11 at 17:56

Now when Sphinx v3 is out, the documentation says that extended mode is turned on by default so you just need to do something like:

Model.search "@(name,description) ruby pancakes"

Not sure about Thinking Sphinx but I know if you hit Sphinx directly via SphinxQL than you can specify the fields you want to match against.

I'd be surprised if TS didnt expose this functionality to you...


I haven't worked with TS for a while, but I remember you could create separate index which includes subset of fields you use on your main index. I don't think Sphinx distinguish fields you use to build index, because that's why you use full-text search server - to search content on multiple fields at once.

So just check how to build new index with other fields and how to use this new index instead of default.

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