Since yesterday I have had problems sending emails with Lumen. I think I have followed all the steps in the documentation correctly, but unfortunately I cannot send anything. Moreover, no error is displayed (I have activated APP_DEBUG=true), and I am sure that the credentials of the smtp server are correct. I also did composer require illuminate/mail.

Here are my modifications in bootstrap/app.php (I have $app->withFacades(); uncommented). Git changes on bootstrap/app.php

Here is my build function content: return $this->view('emails.mailTemplate', ['message' => $this->message]);.

And the line of code that ask to send mail: Mail::to("wewanthalflifethree@gmail.com")->send(new sendMail($destEmail, $subject, $message));.

Did I do something wrong? :/

Thx in advance for help!

EDIT: I just noticed something, the code stop working when I send the mail. If I add an echo after Mail::send, it will be appear on the page.

  • It's not that GMail just outright trashes your email because your mail server doesn't have proper SPF, DKIM or DMARC authentication? May 14 at 8:16
  • I was also thinking about that at first, but no it's not. I am using Zoho services for smtp server, it work well for all my others websites (such as cloud for example). May 14 at 8:21
  • Ah, so you're using the Zoho API, or SMTP server, to send an email. Yes, in that case they are probably responsible for your DNS records as well. Can you see in Zoho which mails you sent? May 14 at 8:26
  • Not really the Zoho API, I'm using the usual host/port/username/password credentials. I do this for all my other scripts. prnt.sc/3BqXIYKETSz1 May 14 at 8:30

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I have a problem with the Exceptions handler. By following this answer (which consists in adding a dd in the render function of Handler.php), I am now able to see what's going wrong.

So, here is the reason why my mail didn't send and why my page turned blank: Object of class Illuminate\Mail\Message could not be converted to string (View: /home/serveur-web/api.sl-projects.com/resources/views/emails/mailTemplate.blade.php).

The problem came from the fact that I was using the variable name $message, and this causes problems because it seems to be used in the class that handles the mails. My problem was therefore solved by renaming this variable $mailContent.

I hope this will help other people. :D

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