I have a design question on how to manage firebase auth & redux saga states with react-native-firebase.

Example use-case

Let's start from the scenario that I have an app that uses the idToken for a variety of use cases, some in the views using information from the claims, and some in redux actions to make api calls. Using redux-saga, I would expect to implement these two cases like so:

// in selectors.js
const getIdToken = (state) => state.idTokenResult?.token
const getUserRole = (state) => state.idTokenResult?.claims.role

// in view.js
const role = useSelector(Selectors.getUserRole)

// in actions.js
const idToken = yield select(Selectors.getIdToken)

With this in mind I want to make sure the idTokenResult is available & up to date in my state. I can do this we a few actions and reducers, by calling a login method & then relying on the dispatched event onIdTokenChanged to update my state on login & tokenRefreshes. Something like the following:

// in actions.js
function* onLogin(email, password){
    yield call([auth(), 'signInWithEmailAndPassword'], email, password)

// This action would be called by an eventChannel which emits on each onIdTokenChanged
function* onIdTokenChanged(user){
    yield put({ type: "UPDATE_USER", user: user, })

    if (user){
        const idTokenResut = yield call([auth().currentUser, 'getIdTokenResult'])
        yield put({ type: "UPDATE_ID_TOKEN_RESULT", idTokenResult: idTokenResult, })

// in reducers.js
const reducer = (state = {}, action) => {
 switch (action.type) {
   case 'UPDATE_USER':
        return { ...state, user: action.user };
        return { ...state, idTokenResult: action.idTokenResult }


Here is when we run into a problem. I recently learned that the onIdTokenChanged is dispatched lazily, only when the getIdTokenResult() method is invoked link. This means that with the code above we cannot expect our state to be accurate, because when we call yield select(Selectors.getIdToken) it doesn't check getIdTokenResult() and therefore the onIdTokenChanged event is never dispatched.

Potential solutions

How do we overcome this problem?

  1. Set up a timer which periodically calls getIdTokenResult() before the token expires, to trigger the event.
    • Should work, but defeats the purpose of having an onIdTokenChanged event. Also this means it will refresh the token hourly, even if it isn't needed or being accessed
  2. Somehow call getIdTokenResult() in the selector?
    • It's an async method so it seems like an anti-pattern here and I'm not even sure it's possible
  3. Use the library directly to fetch user states with auth().currentUser, and forget redux-saga
    • We lose the nice rerender functionalities that redux's useSelector provides. By accessing the state directly we'll need to figure out another way to trigger rerenders on auth changes, which defeats the purpose of using redux-saga
  4. Something I didn't consider/implemented incorrectly?

Your suggestions are welcome and thanks in advance for you help! :)


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