Why does this thread procedure not work in a DLL library using TIdTCPServer, but it works in a VCL Form application?

procedure TFormFpsSrv.Display(p_sender : String; p_message : string);
  TThread.Queue(nil, procedure
                          memo1.Lines.Add(getNow + ' | '
                           + p_sender + ' | ' + p_message);
procedure TFormFpsSrv.IdTCPServer1Connect(AContext: TIdContext);
    port        : Integer;
     Display('Serveris',' | Prisijungta portas: '+IntToStr(port));

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In a plain DLL, the DLL and EXE have their own copies of the RTL, which are not shared with each other. As such, calling TThread.Synchronize() or TThread.Queue() in the DLL's code will not work by default, as there is nothing running in the background to process the DLL's requests.

The DLL will have to export a function that calls the CheckSynchronize() function for its copy of the RTL, and then the EXE will need to call that exported function periodically, such as in a timer, or in the TApplication(Events).OnIdle event.

This is not a problem if you create a Runtime Package (BPL) instead of a DLL, and then configure your BPL and EXE to boh use the rtl runtime package so that they share the same RTL instance.

  • a little mistake I had to be at TThread.Synchronize while TThread.Queue does this change anything? There is perhaps no example of how to do this. There will be a form in the dll library where you will see the log in memo and you will not need to return anything to the main form.
    – Deike
    May 16 at 23:21
  • No, it does not make a difference, because TThread.Synchronize() and TThread.Queue() use the same internal queue in the RTL, and so they both have the same CheckSynchronize() requirement. May 16 at 23:39
  • Maybe I could get an example with code on how to roughly solve the problem
    – Deike
    May 17 at 0:16
  • 1
    Is there something about my proposed solution that is unclear to you? Have the DLL export a function that calls CheckSynchronize(). Have the EXE call that exported function periodically. Done. Do I really need to post a code example for such a simple task? May 17 at 0:19
  • I write in my Display procedure: if IsLibrary then MainThreadID := GetCurrentThreadID; and everything works now
    – Deike
    May 17 at 21:12

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