Using Login via account kit is not working.

Clicking Login via Huawei ID starts HMS Core update but does not finish. Hence the user cant use the login function via huawei ID.

Account kit library already upgraded to latest version but still not working.

Additionaly all kits are not working properly. Like In-app purchase kit, where it does not start at all.

Test device is Huawei Nova 5T.

Huawei ID version 6.3.308

  • Could you please provide more error info for us to check? May 18, 2022 at 8:16

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Hello Developer,

Make ensure that you have properly configured following details in project.

  • Have you included right version of Account Kit and other Kit in build.gradle file

  • Check network permission is included in Manifest.xml or not.

  • agconnect.json file from AppGallery should include in your project.

  • check your account kit is enabled or not while registering your application in AppGalleryConnect.

Plz restart your device multiples to resolve HMS Code upgradation, sometimes it happens due to poor network.

Thank you.


Open AppGallery to search "hms core", then click UPDATE button to upgrade your hms core version to the latest version.

you can also download hms core directly from huawei official website as below.


After your download you can directly install it.

enter image description here

Then try again for account kit. if you still have issue, pls refer to below official account kit demo and try.


Then try again for in-app purchase kit. if you still have issue, pls refer to below official iap kit demo and try.



You should verify the below points

  1. Use hwid version as: implementation 'com.huawei.hms:hwid:'
  2. If a user has installed the latest HMS Core (APK) on their phone running Android 11, but if were still asked to update the APK - Click here
  3. Verify app basic configurations done correctly,
  1. If still the issue persist even you checked all the above, you can find the HMS core application in Setting > Apps > Apps page and clear the cache. Then you can run the application.

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