I'm using a TlistView set to DynamicAppearence, and CanSwipeDelete is set to True. I somehow can't find a way to set the icon of the delete button to a specific icon I see the property for DeleteButtonText but I'm looking to put an icon there instead of text.

Any help with the above would be greatly appreciated.

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There are no icon in the DeleteButton, I think one way to have one is modifying the ListViewStyle, but not an easy one.

First create a create a new stylebook, right click on ListView/ "modify personal style" First Step

Select DeleteButton Object Second Step

As you see it's a TStyleObject (depend of style sheet you use I think)

So you can see that this object is a region of an image.

BitMapLinks Editor

Now it's theory using Bitmap Style Designer:

  • find the vsf file
  • edit image file or add an image file

you can get images to edit them Hereyou can get images

  • create the new style

Load this style and change the zone


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