I want to enumerate field information (name, type, …) of a record. RTTI delivers field name but type is null(nil)! How can I get this information?


 foo = record
  bar : array[0..5] of char;


  for var f : TRttiField  in TRTTIContext.Create.GetType(TypeInfo(foo)).GetFields do
    OutputDebugString(PWideChar(f.Name + ' :: ' + f.FieldType.ToString())); ///fieldtype is nil??!

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The RTTI system only works with predefined types. Defining field types "on-the-fly" does not generate RTTI information. So, declare the array type like this instead:

  TChar5Arr = array[0..5] of Char;

  foo = record
    bar : TChar5Arr;

And you will get some more info:

name: bar
type: TChar5Arr
value: (array)    //is not retrieved using GetValue

Per Delphi's documentation:

Querying for Type Information

In Delphi, type information is emitted only for types and not for global unit routines, constants, or variables. This means that the obtained TRttiContext can be used only to query for information about the declared types.

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    I feel that this snippet lacks context. What does "this" refer to? Did you intend to emphasise "declared"? What's the conclusion? You may want to add a few words to this answer. May 20 at 9:31

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