I have a thread where I am opening a socket, and executing it, waiting to receive strings from the other side. It is working fine compiled on Delphi 7 on all Windows version, yet compiled with Delphi 11 - it working on the rest of the Windows versions, except 11. Under Windows 11 I am getting the Socket.ReceiveText to be empty and Socket.ReceiveLength to be always 0.

TThread_Connection_Main = class( TThread )
      Socket: TCustomWinSocket;
      constructor Create(aSocket: TCustomWinSocket); overload;
      procedure Execute; override;

procedure TThread_Connection_Main.Execute;
   while Socket.Connected do
      Sleep( 2); 
      if ( Socket = nil ) or not( Socket.Connected ) then
      if Socket.ReceiveLength < 1 then


  • Is there something specific which have to be done for Windows 11 sockets compatibility with Delphi 11 ?

P.S: Just found out that the issue exists with Delphi 10.4 as well.

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    TClientSocket and TServerSocket have changed very little over the years, and the base Winsock API hasn't changed. So, whatever worked in old versions should still work in newer versions. Except, you should stay away from TCustomWinSocket.SendText() and TCustomWinSocket.ReceiveText() in Delphi 2009+, as they were never updated to handle UnicodeString correctly. Use TCustomWinSocket.SendBuffer() and TCustomWinSocket.ReceiveBuffer() instead. May 23 at 4:00
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    More importantly, you didn't say whether you are using the Socket in thread-blocking mode or not. Please provide a minimal reproducible example. If you are using thread-blocking mode, you should be using TWinSocketStream for socket I/O, where you should use TWinSocketStream.WaitForData() before reading bytes. Otherwise, if you are not using thread-blocking mode, then your thread is missing a message loop to process and dispatch internal socket notifications. May 23 at 4:00
  • Didn't know any of that. Probably missed it. Yet, by some reason I don't see any of these functions available here by some reason.. :| May 23 at 5:55


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