in my Django app i have a Newsletter model. Now I'd like to be able to send the newsletter (and even resend it) from Django Admin.

I could do this with a hook on the Model.save() method but is there another way that is not tied to the Model?



Admin actions allow you to easily hook up custom actions which can be performed on selected items from the admin's list pages.


If you are doing it from the admin then you'll need to override the save() method, but it can be the AdminModel save... doesn't need to be the full Model save.

However, if you are emailing a lot of emails, a better approach would be to install django-mailer which puts emails into a queue for later processing and then provides you with a new management command: send_mail.

So once you're ready to send the newsletter out you can manually run python manage.py send_mail. Any emails with errors will be moved to a deferred queue where you can retry sending them later.

You can automate this by running manage.py send_mail from cron.

If you really want to get fancy and do it from admin site, install django-chronograph and set up your send_mail schedule from there.


you can try this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvL1cR2MgLI

just change

 def available (modeladmin,request,queryset):

def not_available (modeladmin,request,queryset):

to something like

def send(modeladmin, request, queryset):

for data in queryset:


    for d in Users.objects.filter(newsletter=True):

        sendemail = EmailMessage(subject, message+unsubscribe,    'emailo@mdjangotutsme.com',
            [email], [],
            headers = {'Reply-To': 'emailo@mdjangotutsme.com'})

        sendemail.content_subtype = "html" 


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