working in CodeIgniter 4 under XAMPP environment, had a table brand_categories (its a bridge table) which contains 3 columns " create table brand_categories ( id int auto_increment primary key, brand_id int(11), category_id int(11) ) "

already created a unique index using both columns which is working fine.

created a modal form for users to enter data. but in Codeigniter there is a 'is_unique' validation rule which works only on a single column, not allowed to check multiple column uniqueness. here category_id + brand_id in my case. the combination of 2 columns should have unique value.

please help to have a validation rule (may be custom) in codeigniter 4 to validate this on form.

note: i am very new to CodeIgniter, a beginner and i don't even know How To's to create custom validation rules but want to learn how to handle this situation.

hope i will be help by someone.


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