How do I get the popup validation message "Please tick this box if you want to continue" using Selenium Python in the photo?

<input oninvalid="this.setCustomValidity('Please tick this box if you want to proceed')" oninput="this.setCustomValidity('')" class="form-check-input checkbox-switch-md" type="checkbox" id="registerTermsCheckboxId" required="">
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  • Hi, @Rst Ozyrt I have updated your question to be a bit more descriptive. I suggest you also add what have you tried so far and which Selenium web driver are you currently using. Also is it Django you are using? May 23 at 7:38
  • Can you share the link to the web page? May 23 at 9:40

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Try the below, I hope this will solve your issue.

from selenium import webdriver
from selenium.webdriver import ActionChains
from selenium.webdriver.common.by import By
from selenium.webdriver.support.wait import WebDriverWait

toolTip = WebDriverWait(driver, 10).until(EC.presence_of_element_located((By.ID, 'registerTermsCheckboxId')))
hov = ActionChains(driver).move_to_element(toolTip)
txt = hov.perform()
tooltipText = WebDriverWait(driver, 10).until(EC.presence_of_element_located((By.ID, 'registerTermsCheckboxId'))).text
  • Unfortunately, the message (text) is not received with this code.
    – Rst Ozyrt
    May 23 at 10:20
  • Try to change the locator, or can you share link of the webpage
    – Akzy
    May 23 at 10:28

Found a solution to the problem, where I was able to extract the text in the validation message with the following JavaScriptExecutor code:

message_element = driver.find_element(By.XPATH, Locators.acceptCheckButton_xpath)
accept_button_message = driver.execute_script("return arguments[0].validationMessage", message_element)
print("Message : ", accept_button_message)

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