I am using Windows 11 Pro.

I am on a local network, and I am using a No-IP address and connected to No-IP address.

I opened port 7777 on my Windows firewall and my router.

I have created a server DataSnap application (Windows VCL) and a client DataSnap application (Windows VCL).

Server components:

DSServerClass1 connected to DSServer1
DSTCPServerTransport1 connected to DSServer1
DSTCPServerTransport1 Port = 7777

Client components:

Driver = DataSnap
ConnectionName = DataSnapCONNECTION
Params [ DriverName = DataSnap , HostName = ?????.ddns.net , Port = 7777 , ConnectionName = DataSnapCONNECTION ]

When running the server and trying to connect SQLConnection1 from the client side, if I connect to localhost or or my local network IP, it connects successfully.

But, if I try to connect to my No-IP host, I get a error

Socket Error # 10060
Connection timed out

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I solved my problem The problem was I was trying to connect to the server through the same network So I tried to connect from another computer connected to another internet network and it worked fine

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