I'm trying to build an Auction web application based on a scrypto smartcontract.

I have a register function that return a badge, from which I can build proof to call other methods that need authentication.

To build the proof, I need the address of the badge; using the pte-sdk, how would that be possible ?

I use :

 const manifestRegistration = new ManifestBuilder()
    //call the register function
    .callMethod(auction.auctionId, "register", [])
    //deposit the resource into my account
    .callMethodWithAllResources(accountAddress, "deposit_batch")

    const receiptRegistration = await signTransaction(manifestRegistration);

here is receipt :

    "transactionHash": "b737899a3b78692d2ba49d83ccedeacd66f6168d107a2962828d621d6c73cb37",
    "status": "Success",
    "outputs": [
    "logs": [],
    "newPackages": [],
    "newComponents": [],
    "newResources": []

How do I know what is the resource in the returned bucket ?

Thank you

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The first thing that pops into my head of solving this is returning the address as a string

pub fn register() -> (Bucket, String) -> {
  (badge, badge.resource_address().to_string())

This should pop up in the outputs array

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