Setuptools allows you to specify the minimum python version as such:

from setuptools import setup



However, how can you do this with the pyproject.toml? The following two things did NOT work:

# ERROR: invalid key 
python_requires = ">=3"

# ERROR: no matching distribution found
dependencies = ["python>=3"]

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According to PEP 621, the equivalent field in the [project] table is requires-python.

More information about the list of valid configuration fields can be found in: https://packaging.python.org/en/latest/specifications/declaring-project-metadata/.

The equivalent pyproject.toml of your example would be:

name = "my_package_name"
requires-python = ">3.5.2"

You can specify this in setup.cfg. For example:

packages = find_namespace:
install_requires =
python_requires = >=3.8
include_package_data = True
package_dir =
zip_safe = False

where = src

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