I'm recently trying to use a small rust crate in python with pyo3, which resembles the following code:

struct my_struct {
    my_path: &'static str,
    my_map: HashMap<String, i32>,
    my_num: i32,
    my_map_of_map: HashMap<String, HashMap<String, f64>>,

impl my_struct {
    fn new(my_first_path: &'static str) -> Self {
        Self {
            my_map: HashMap::new(),
            my_num: 5,
            my_map_of_map: HashMap::new(),

fn crate_name(_py: Python, m: &PyModule) -> PyResult<()> {

When I build the code with maturin however, the following error occurs:

`gil` does not live long enough

21 | #[pymethods]
   | ^^^^^^^^^^^-
   | |          |
   | |          `gil` dropped here while still borrowed
   | borrowed value does not live long enough
   | cast requires that `gil` is borrowed for `'static`

Would there be any advice on how this error can be resolved?


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