Instructions from Supervisor I am very new to Python and BashCode. My supervisor wants me to run code from a GitHub repository. I have cloned the repository from GitHub. Now he asks to create a virtual environment with anaconda packages installed. I downloaded Miniconda and using the conda command (the command is on the attached image). Now, the next step is to execute the following: "pip install -r requirements.txt" in the repository. I tried, but I receive the error that is in title. I tried "pip install tensorflow==1.15" but that does not work. I am very confused on what to do. Thank you. I am using Windows terminal

  • Tensorflow only supports Python 3.5 to 3.8, what is your version of python?
    – tafer
    May 25 at 23:05
  • Python 3.10.4. If this is the issue, I tried to create a virtual environment with python 3.7 and it still did not work. Do you recommend downloading an earlier version of python? May 25 at 23:49
  • see that stackoverflow.com/questions/48720833/…
    – tafer
    May 25 at 23:51
  • and use pip3 instead pip
    – tafer
    May 26 at 0:51
  • I don't see how the question would be related to bash, so I would remove the bash-tag. If you think different, you should at least - since you are on Windows - specify which implementation of version you are using (i.e. WSL, Cygwin, git-bash, ....) May 26 at 6:40


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