here's the case: I am using a python package written by others, but it seems there is something wrong in a single file of that package.

my question is, can I copy that file in my own folder and use it to override that in the package, by setting PYTHONPATH or sth? (without copying the whole package into my folder)

  • If the package is available at Github or the like, I'd fork it, make the necessary changes and install the modified version (pip can install from repositories). It's clean and you could also then make a pull request if you managed to fix the bug.
    – fsimonjetz
    Jun 2 at 20:44
  • I see. In my case, the package is under another user's home folder (shared centos computer). I want to make change to a single file in his package, but without copying the whole package to my own home folder... Currently I don't see it is possible...
    – Yihua Zhou
    Jun 4 at 4:27


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