I am working on a non-linear optimization problem in which I don't have an equation to work on only having past data.

Creating a sample code snippet to work with

import pandas as pd

size = 100
min_d = 5
max_d = 20

df = pd.DataFrame(columns=['S','D','A'])

df['S'] = np.random.random(size)
df['D'] = np.random.randint(min_d,max_d,size)
df['A'] = np.random.uniform(3,7,size)

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Note : min_d <= D <= max_d

Based on the past data, for a new row, I want to maximize the value for A by using the optimized value of D(based on the constraint given), using the given value of S(which can't be changed ).

I have very limited knowledge of optimization any help would be appreciated.



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