Is it possible to perform an OCR in certain area in a PDF with python? I am trying to build a program to extract some information from every PDF sheet like what Autodesk BIM360 do

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    The answer to "Is it possible to..." is yes as long as it's not self-inconsistent. How to Ask
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    May 26 at 8:09

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disclaimer: I am the author of borb (the library used in this answer)

borb is an open-source, pure Python PDF library that plays nice with other famous libraries. e.g. you can insert PIL images, or matplotlib charts, and you can use pytesseract to apply OCR to your document.

There is a large examples repository in case you want to learn more. You can find a working example of OCR there as well.

I'll repeat the example here for completeness:

def main():

    # set up everything for OCR
    tesseract_data_dir: Path = Path("/home/joris/Downloads/tessdata-master/")
    assert tesseract_data_dir.exists()
    l: OCRAsOptionalContentGroup = OCRAsOptionalContentGroup(tesseract_data_dir)

    # read Document
    doc: typing.Optional[Document] = None
    with open("output_001.pdf", "rb") as pdf_file_handle:
        doc = PDF.loads(pdf_file_handle, [l])

    assert doc is not None

    # store Document
    with open("output_002.pdf", "wb") as pdf_file_handle:
        PDF.dumps(pdf_file_handle, doc)

if __name__ == "__main__":

What's happening here is that the OCR process is dumping its results in an invisible layer of the PDF (these are called optional content groups). Hence the name OCRAsOptionalContentGroup.

Afterwards, you can store the Document again, and it will appear to contain text, youll be able to search it, select the text, and everything youre used to.


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