I want to click the button to execute the function for uploading files from the device when I define the button before the function, it doesn't work, also it doesn't work if I define the button variable after the function.

so, how to solve it?

ahwal_app = Tk()


def upload_file():
    ahwal_app.filename = filedialog.askopenfilename(initialdir='C:/Users/Manso/Desktop/files/Data Analysis/ahwal',
                                                    title='select file',
                                                    filetypes=(('excel files', '*.xlsx'),('all files', '*.*')))

upload_btn = Button(ahwal_app, text='Upload', bg='orange', width=10, height=2, borderwidth=2, command=upload_file()).pack()


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Replace the line with this :

upload_btn = Button(ahwal_app, text='Upload', bg='orange', width=10, height=2, borderwidth=2, command=upload_file)

Explanation : The command argument takes only the name of the func... If you do the braces then it means you want to invoke the function at the time of packing the button..

We only specify the name of func. we don't call it...

Hope this works

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    Thanks, @Prakhar Parikh for your answer, it worked.
    – Mem
    May 26 at 10:43
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    @Mem I am glad that it worked. Please upvote and mark my answer as accepted, so that it would be easy to someone if he/she comes accross the same question May 26 at 11:27

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