The website is developed with React. When users open my website on an iPhone or an Android phone, how to show a banner to promote the user to download or use the IOS or Android app instead of the website on a browser?

Here is an example with reddit.com, when opening reddit.com on an iPhone or an Android phone, it shows a banner like these to promote the users to use the Reddit ios or android app.

  • Related as I believe the terminology changed from "smartbanner" to "app links" and "universal links": support.google.com/google-ads/answer/6046977 May 26 at 15:11
  • @Morrison Chang is this something that needs to be done on the mobile codebase or website codebase?
    – s-hunter
    May 26 at 16:25
  • Both in mobile app and website need to be configured (presumably for security reasons). May 26 at 16:27
  • What kind of configuration? Does this bottom sheet as shown in the screenshot something that require coding or it comes with the IOS or Android OS as long as it's configured?
    – s-hunter
    May 26 at 19:45
  • Documentation is in the links listed in my link. To my understanding the bottom sheet is part of OS/Chrome/Safari browser. May 26 at 21:05

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you can use on your website : https://www.npmjs.com/package/platform

You can show a popup according to the relevant situation and send it with a dynamic link.


On the opening of the website on the mobile browser, you can detect the device using the JS library react-device-detect.

if it's Android or iPhone/iPad you can show the banner and with the click of that button, you can use the Deeplink URLs for the android and iOS app. You can also use dynamic links if you want to send users to AppStore or Play Store.

  • How to show the banner, is it something that has to be coded up or it's something that can be configured?
    – s-hunter
    Jun 20 at 3:00
  • You can provide custom way or you can use this for the banner: github.com/kudago/smart-app-banner
    – msusare
    Jun 20 at 5:51

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