I have two excel files with the same items organized according to two different measures of frequency. I've converted the files into data frames using Jupyter Notebook, and I would like to combine them into a single data frame according to the model in the picture. Is there a way to do this with pandas? Thanks! model for desired output image

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    Assuming they are df and df1, you can use df.add(df1), see the documentation here.
    – Rawson
    May 26 at 21:06
  • @Rawson, thank you so much! I think I may need to clarify my question. Basically I have two excel files with a list of authors in a library's collection arranged in two different ways. One file ranks the authors based on the number of books about them, and the other ranks them by the number of books written by the authors themselves. The author column in each file contains the same names, just arranged in a different order. What I would like to do is match the values in both files to the corresponding author's name to generate a new ranking based on the combined number. Hope that makes sense!
    – erin_vee
    May 28 at 0:22
  • If the column of authors is the index, then the above should work fine (you can then sort, such as df.add(df1).sort_values(ascending=False)). However, if you don't want to set these to the index, such as df.set_index(authors).add(df1.set_index(authors)), you can instead use pd.merge or pd.concat to combine the two dataframes to one, then sum the two columns.
    – Rawson
    May 28 at 14:08


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