In UMTS I get a large number returned by getCid() (larger than the allowed value). Is this the UTRAN Cell Identity (UC-ID)?

UC-Id = RNC-Id + C-Id

Does someone knows that? How to get the C-Id from the UC-Id?

Thanks and Best, Benny

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    I think noone is really understand the core of your question, please be more specific – barmaley Aug 30 '11 at 8:11
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    Okay, in GSM getCid() returns the CellId of the cell. As far I know in UMTS the value that is received includes the identifier of the RNC and the identifier of the cell. This means the long (7-9 digits) number that is returned by getCid() in an UMTS network contains both, but I just want to have the CellId. I think the way is the following: C-Id = UC-Id%65536 and RnC-Id = (UC-Id)-(C-Id)/65536. Or why is the returned value in UMTS a number that is bigger then 65536, which is the max allowed value if the android documentation is correct. – Benny Aug 30 '11 at 10:14

The RNC id is the first 2 bytes of the 4 byte Cell Id (3GPP 25.401, section 6.1.5), if the network type is UMTS/HSxPA/HSPA+."
I have access to an operator network and I checked in the system and it's true and correct.
Based on that please see my code how you can easily get RNCID + CID:
Convert CID to ByteArray:

    public static byte[] convertByteArray__p(int p_int){
    byte[] l_byte_array = new byte[4];
    int MASK_c = 0xFF;
    for (short i=0; i<=3; i++){
        l_byte_array[i] = (byte) ((p_int >> (8*i)) & MASK_c);
    return l_byte_array;

Get the RNCID and CID:

    public int getRNCID_or_CID__p(byte[] p_bytes, short p_which){
    int MASK_c = 0xFF;
    int l_result = 0;   
    if (p_which == Constants.CID_C) {
        l_result = p_bytes[0] & MASK_c ;
        l_result = l_result + ((p_bytes[1] & MASK_c ) << 8);
    } else if (p_which == Constants.RNCID_C){
        l_result = p_bytes[2] & MASK_c ;
        l_result = l_result + ((p_bytes[3] & MASK_c ) << 8);
    } else { 
        g_FileHandler.putLog__p('E', "getRNCID_or_CID__p invalid parameter");
    return l_result;     

Than you can easily call like this:

        byte[] l_byte_array = new byte[4];
        l_byte_array = convertByteArray__p(l_cid);
        int l_RNC_ID   = getRNCID_or_CID__p(l_byte_array,Constants.RNCID_C);
        int l_real_CID = getRNCID_or_CID__p(l_byte_array,Constants.CID_C);

Constants RNCID_C(1) and CID_C(2) are only contants just for me to seperate which parameter will be passed through.


try (cell id % 65536) it worked for me.


This is more simple than this. Cell ID is in the low register of the value getCid() returns, the RNC is the high register of this value (http://developer.android.com/reference/android/telephony/gsm/GsmCellLocation.html#getCid()). So:

getCid() == RNC << 16 | CID

CID = getCid() & 0xffff

RNC = (getCid() >> 16) & 0xffff


If CID is > 65536, it's not actually the cell-ID, but a linear combination of the real cell-ID and RNC-ID:

UTRAN_CELL_ID = RNCID x 65536 + CellID

To extract the cellID, use the modulo operation:

CellID = UTRAN_CELL_ID % 65536

To extract the RNCID, get the integer part:

  • RNCID should be equal to (UTRAN_CELL_ID - UTRAN_CELL_ID%65536)/65536 – vladiz Sep 2 '15 at 15:09

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