I want to change the text of label1 by multiplying query field with value of spinBox1. But it doesn't work. ** Fields[3] saved as Integer in my table **

label1.Text := MSQuery1.Fields[3].AsInteger * spinBox1.Value;


label1.Text := MSQuery1.Fields[3].AsInteger * spinBox1.Text.ToInteger;
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    MSQuery1.Fields[3].AsInteger * spinBox1.Text.ToInteger is an integer, but Label1.Text is a string. You thus need to make a string from the RHS integer: label1.Text := IntToStr(MSQuery1.Fields[3].AsInteger * spinBox1.Text.ToInteger);. Actually, a bit of experimentation would have made you realise that this has nothing to do with SQL at all: If you had replaced your line with label1.Text := 5 * 20, you would have received the same error but with fewer confounders. May 27 at 9:42
  • Just use IntToStr function. It is also relatively related to the question, but name your components and variables meaningful and use the FieldByName function instead of the Fields list unless you have any specific reason. May 27 at 13:56
  • @LeventÜncü In fact, when I'm going to ask some people, I make their names as default. Thus, they can understand my problem easier. But thank you for these suggestions.
    – Ahmet
    May 28 at 9:39

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  1. Your application is FMX based then Label1.Text is okay, else you need Label1.Caption
  2. SpinBox comes from FMX library, the Value type is Double, not an Integer

The code is:

Label1.Text := (MSQuery1.Fields[3].AsInteger * SpinBox1.Value).ToString;
// Or using older versions of Delphi
Label1.Text := FloatToStr(MSQuery1.Fields[3].AsInteger * SpinBox1.Value);

You need Label1.caption instead of Label1.Text and it is a string, so you need IntToStr function to convert integer (if it is integer) to string.

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    OP is using Firemonkey and not VCL. The TLabel uses a .Text property which is a string.
    – Adriaan
    May 27 at 12:42

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