Is there a way to Generate Code from sequence diagram ?? All I could find is Reverse Engineeering ie..from the generated code you can obtain sequence diagram.

Is there a way to do otherway round (From the diagram to source code generation). This is already acheived for UML class diagrams.

link for the same http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff657795.aspx i want the same thing for sequence diagram.

Is there any third party tools generating the code from the UML Sequence diagram?? would like to know more about it..??

[And the language which i'm using for code generation is CSharp]

Can anyone please help me?? any help would be greatly appreciated..:):)

Thanks in advance:):)


Recently I was also looking for something similar and came to find this. StarUML also has Various Language Support (C# Profile, Code Generator and Reverse Engineer) according to their website. Although personally I haven't used any of them and have decided not to use any automatic code generator, you may try them.

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