I'm using Vulkan and trying to figure out how to render cubemaps. What draw calls do you submit when rendering to the 6 faces given that the 6 faces face different directions? In one sense it's seems better to cull your entire scene to just the objects that appear on that face's frustum, thereby limiting the number of draw calls, however you have to cull 6 different times in 6 different directions. The alternative is to just submit the entire scene, set the appropriate camera matrix and let the vertices fall where they fall, which will be projected to the correct face. However doing this means many more draw calls and many more vertices being transformed.

Essentially rendering a cubemap means rendering six different times, right? I've looked into the Vulkan multiview extension, which I think was intended for VR (2-texture rendering), but it can be used for any number of views.

  • Culling can be slow on the CPU, but you're also using vulkan, you could easily compile 6 subcommand buffers on different threads. Assuming the cubemap isn't for a perfect reflection and will be blurred or distorted you could also do greedy culling, whereby each face takes meshes that are in it's bounds, decreasing the number of meshes to iterate over on the remaining faces. Assuming the cubemap doesn't move you can also cache the static geometry lists for each face. Overall there is a lot of optimizations you could make on the CPU side for this so that you can keep good performance on the GPU.
    – van dench
    May 28 at 15:23


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