Quick question - What version of MYSQL supports stored procedures?

Is it any Mysql 5.0? Or there is exact version when they implemented support like - ?



According to http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/news-5-0-0.html, "basic support" for stored procedures was present in 5.0.0.

But you shouldn't use a release so old anyway, you should be using the latest release of a given major version.


Version 5.0.0 and higher supports stored procedures. Check the documentation for more details. You can navigate through the FAQ for each version listed in the documentation.

If you check the Product History in Wikipedia, you will see that stored procedures were introduced in Version 5.0 and can be used in all the higher versions.


Agree about "basic support" in MySQL 5.0. But I can say there might be problems with early versions (alpfa, beta). It is better to find out first release or release candidate version.

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