There is a stored procedure with a single argument , CALL test_run(unit_no);

a). Can a stored procedure be called to run sequentially in loop having a parameter passed from a list each time?

unit_no= ( 1, 2, 3)

sequential : Loop [CALL test_run(1); --> CALL test_run(2); --> CALL test_run(3);]

b) Can this stored procedure be run concurrently with many different values of unit_no passed using a loop.

CALL test_run(unit_no);

unit_no= (1, 2, 3)

Execution in parallel :

Loop (unit_no)

CALL test_run(1);
CALL test_run(2);
CALL test_run(3);

Objective to achieve is to pick the parameters from a list and trigger multiple same stored procedure in parallel to run in like a batch, each having different unit_no.

I came across concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor which can execute calls asynchronously, but looking for an exact code as how to achieve this result.

  • Looking for both ways to be achieved (sequential + parallelism)
    Jun 1 at 11:04


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