I want to send an email with an attachment. I used the MimeMessageHelper to send the mail.

    public void sendEmail(String to, String subject, String body, String fileToAttach) {
    MimeMessage mimeMessage = javaMailSender.createMimeMessage();
    MimeMessageHelper message = new MimeMessageHelper(mimeMessage);

    try {

    FileSystemResource file = new FileSystemResource(new File(fileToAttach));
    catch (MailException | MessagingException e)
        log.warn("Email could not be sent to user '{}'", to, e);

and send this email when creating a new entity entry.

     public Mono<ResponseEntity<ENTITY>> createENTITY(@RequestBody ENTITY entity) throws URISyntaxException {
    log.debug("REST request to save ENTITY : {}", entity);
    if (entity.getId() != null) {
        throw new BadRequestAlertException("A new entity cannot already have an ID", ENTITY_NAME, "idexists");

    String content = "content";
    String title = "title";
    String path = "C:\\Users\\...";
    sendEmail("gmail@mail.com", title, content, path);

    return entityRepository
        .map(result -> {
            try {
                return ResponseEntity
                    .created(new URI("/api/entitys/" + result.getId()))
                    .headers(HeaderUtil.createEntityCreationAlert(applicationName, false, ENTITY_NAME, result.getId().toString()))
            } catch (URISyntaxException e) {
                throw new RuntimeException(e);

When sending the email in the web application, the following error message occurs: No MethodInvocation found: Check that an AOP invocation is in progress and that the ExposeInvocationInterceptor is upfront in the interceptor chain. Specifically, note that advices with order HIGHEST_PRECEDENCE will execute before ExposeInvocationInterceptor! In addition, ExposeInvocationInterceptor and ExposeInvocationInterceptor.currentInvocation() must be invoked from the same thread. It looks like that the target got lost because I basically start a new thread and the new thread doesn't have access to thread local. By the way, without the attachment I get an email to my gmail account. Is there a way to solve this problem? Thanks

  • If sendEmail() is in the same class as createENTITY(), the AOP aspects cannot be applied to sendEmail(), have you tried moving sendEmail() to its own @Service annotated class? Jun 1 at 19:12


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