In my web application, I can see spam HTTP requests initiated on the web URL. I have attached the chrome network screen which shows that several HTTP requests are initiated as ".wasm" files. Please suggest How to prevent it? Is it because of npm modules? a web application is built on the expo and react-native. I can see spam in my localhost also. I can see several npm packages with high severity. Is it because of that?

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The WASM requests are directed at hostingcloud.racing.

According to my Anti-Virus, this site is blocked due to a trojan.

Scan your system with an Anti-Virus solution first. Do not rely on Microsoft Defender alone.

( https://www.malwarebytes.com/ offers a free trial. )

enter image description here


I look up the website url and found this reddit post: ISP CVE

Looks like your ISP has been compromised by CVE-2018-14847

You should try npm audit --force to see if this is not packages problems.

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