I'd like to add WebSocket URL as:

So I typed solana config get to get the location of config.yaml file. Then changed the WebSocket URL as followed above, however, after restarting the node and the server is not listed on netstat -tulpn . Do I have to do anything else or my node is unable to recognize the comfig.yaml file? Or do I have to pass additional parameter while starting the node? Any help appreciated thanks in advance.

Result of solana config get:

Config File: /home/centos/.config/solana/cli/config.yml
RPC URL: http://api.devnet.solana.com
WebSocket URL:
Keypair Path: /home/centos/solana/validator-keypair.json
Commitment: confirmed

It changes the WebSocket URL after I modify the config.yaml file but doesn't listed in netstat.

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This is how I started the node:

solana-validator \
  --ledger /home/centos/solana/data/ \
  --identity /home/centos/solana/validator-keypair.json \
  --entrypoint entrypoint.mainnet-beta.solana.com:8001 \
  --expected-genesis-hash 5eykt4UsFv8P8NJdTREpY1vzqKqZKvdpKuc147dw2N9d \
  --rpc-port 8899 \
  --dynamic-port-range 8000-8020 \
  --no-voting \
  --enable-rpc-transaction-history \
  --limit-ledger-size \
  --known-validator 7Np41oeYqPefeNQEHSv1UDhYrehxin3NStELsSKCT4K2 \
  --known-validator GdnSyH3YtwcxFvQrVVJMm1JhTS4QVX7MFsX56uJLUfiZ \
  --known-validator DE1bawNcRJB9rVm3buyMVfr8mBEoyyu73NBovf2oXJsJ \
  --known-validator CakcnaRDHka2gXyfbEd2d3xsvkJkqsLw2akB3zsN1D2S \
  --only-known-rpc \
  --no-port-check \

I did pass the port as 8899, so by default WS port should be 8900 right? I also changed the config.yml file to make it in order to connect outside of the node. It's visible in netstat ports but I can connect to 8900 only locally.

Config File: /home/centos/.config/solana/cli/config.yml
WebSocket URL: ws://
Keypair Path: /home/centos/validator-keypair.json
Commitment: confirmed

solana config get only shows the client configuration, and not the node / validator configuration.

If you're using either solana-validator or solana-test-validator, you can set the rpc-port at the command line, and the websocket port will be right after:

$ solana-test-validator --rpc-port 10001

and somewhere else, you can see:

$ ss -l
<... truncated ...>
tcp     LISTEN   0        1024*
tcp     LISTEN   0        1024*

So the websocket port is 10002.

To have the client connect to this validator, you can do:

solana config set -u http://localhost:10001

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