I want to call a custom function of a spreadsheet A on a sheet of spreadsheet B, wihtout the need to rewrite the other function that encapsulates the original custom function defined in spreadsheet A. Is it possible for free? For example.

  // function defined by Apps Script on Spreedsheet A
    return `foo`;

This function is recognized when I call =MYCUSTOMFUNCTIONA() on any sheet of spreadsheet A, but, if I want to use in any sheet of spreadsheet B, I have to include it as a library and encapsulate it in an another custom function, like this.

  // suposing that I named the library as "spreadsheetA" to use it as a namespace
    return spreadsheetA.MYCUSTOMFUNCTIONA();
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    It looks that you have answered the question title. What is what you are really asking?
    – Wicket
    Commented Jun 5, 2022 at 20:56
  • Sorry about that. I want to call the custom function (the first function) directely on sheet of another spreadsheet. I don't want to write a new custom function (the second function).
    – rplaurindo
    Commented Jun 6, 2022 at 11:59

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I assume your problem is that you want other sheets to be able to use the custom functions quickly and without much action; then, you can try

Make a Copy



write the function, for example:

 * @param {string} msg
 * @return {string}
 * @customfunction
function Echo(msg) {
    return msg

and then:

New deployment
Select type: Library
Write Description
click Deploy
go to Project Settings
Copy the "script ID" # something like: abc12_fjaidfjiasdjfiqoejasdfdas_JIJOIJOIJkasdfjajdfiojioB
  • ❗ Share this project with others: (Include at least the authority to viewr)
General access: 
Click Anyone with the link
Set Role: Viewer


I assume the Library that you added name is MyLib.

and you can write

 * @param {string} msg
 * @return {string}
 * @customfunction
function Echo(msg) {
    return MyLib.Echo(msg)

and then Save.

❗ Share the spreadsheet

Anyone with the link: Set Viewer
Click settings⚙️(right upper corner)
[ ] Editors can change permissions and share
[V] Viewers and commenters can see the option to download, print, and copy # check this one

🙌 Finally you or someone else copies it(spreadsheet), they can use the function directly without any further action (please make sure they have permission to view the script)


here is an example:


you can copy this, and try custom function: {CountColItems, CountRangeItems, CountColItemsByGroup}

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