I have the following schema:

User has zero or more Projects

Project has one or more Stakeholders

The Stakeholder table has the following columns:

Id (unique, numeric identifier assigned by the database)

Name (unique, meaningful name for the stakeholder)

Priority (importance of a stakeholder relative to other stakeholders)

Influence (effect this stakeholder can have on the project, CEO has lots, clerk has little)

Size (number of entities in the stakeholder, one CEO, dozens of clerks, thousands of customers)

Usage (frequency of use, CEO looks at numbers once a month, clerks use daily)

jHipster can do the CRUD for User, Project, and Stakeholder without any problem. But, I have two other functions I want to do:

  • Assign a priority to every Stakeholder in a specified Project based on their influence, size, and usage.

  • Clone an existing project including stakeholders to a new project so users don’t have to re-enter a bunch of information, just adapt the existing information from a similar project.

Is it possible to do these functions in jHipster? I’ve been googling using phrases like “mass update” and “update all” and searching the jHipster website but I can’t find an answer.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    You can of course do what you want using Spring Data JPA, this is not a JHipster specific question, you must code it yourself as with any Spring Boot application. Jun 8 at 6:00


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